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Greenhaven Smart Homes

See Greenhaven Smart Homes for affordable modular eco homes in NZ. Our healthy homes are cost effective, architecturally designed and eco friendly. We're based in Kapiti and we started here, first building in Kapiti, then Wellington and Palmerston North. Our popular modular homes are adaptable, enabling you to add modules to the initial floor plan to create a home you will love. Get started by looking through our architecturally designed house plans, visit our show home, or call us on 0800 777 175.

Eco friendly homes

We're taking the future of building forward. Our philosophy is simple, to build homes using sustainable products and energy saving features. Our clever floor plan, with few hallways and wasted space, creates a smaller ecological footprint, competitive building costs and other added benefits that come with eco homes. Find out more about our eco friendly homes.

Modular homes with modern design

Our modular homes do not compromise on style or sense of space, with raking or mono pitch ceilings and our clever use of flexible space also creates easy access for the elderly or disabled.

Each Greenhaven smart home is designed with the latest wind and earthquake-resistant bracing systems and built for New Zealand's coastal environment. Minimum maintenance is required.

Greenhaven smart homes are adaptable; the floor plan offers a contemporary lifestyle for modern families. The modular home components allow you to add pods. Add to the two bedroom floor plan to create a three bedroom, four bedroom or five bedroom family home and choose from single level or two storied homes.

Whether it's a family home or beach house you are looking for, Greenhaven Smart Homes has the budget and style to suit you and your family.

Greenhaven Smart Homes design philosophy

To provide module-based modern homes that are:


  • Smart floor plans with few hallways and wasted space enables a smaller overall house area at a competitive initial cost. The substantial savings in energy costs over the life of the home further reduce the life cycle cost.


  • Our smart homes are built for New Zealand's coastal environment with a minimum of maintenance required.


  • The primary structural material (wood) is a proven performer over hundreds of years, and the latest wind and earthquake resistant bracing systems are utilised.


  • Wood is abundant, renewable and carbon neutral – it will sequester enough carbon to mitigate the energy used in construction and operation, has a low embodied energy content, does not emit chemical pollutants into the house and thereby minimises the impact of the dwelling on the environment.


  • The modular floor plans offer a contemporary lifestyle for modern families (including office alcoves and break out living spaces). Wide hallways and doors, including sliding walls, offer flexible use of spaces and easy access for the elderly or disabled.


  • Various energy efficient design features as detailed below ensure healthy and comfortable living for the lifetime of the dwelling.

House design elements

Our modular homes feature many architecturally designed elements to create healthy eco friendly homes.


  • Our smart homes are designed to include Lifemark standards for in accessible design, including level access to entry door.


  • Passive solar design elements utilising thermal mass help provide year round comfort and reduced energy use for the occupants. Greenhaven modules achieve high homestar rating, and are designed to maintain even internal temperatures 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Thermal mass

  • Concrete floors partially exposed to winter sun store heat, regulate temperature swings and keep the house naturally warm in winter and cool in summer.


  • Extended rectangular shapes optimise north facing exposure for living rooms and bedrooms and allow sun deep into the interior


  • Oriented on east-west axis and up to 20 degrees west of magnetic north for maximum solar gain in winter.


  • Extensive north glazing.
  • Solar heat gain in winter maximised (and stored in concrete slab).
  • Reduced glazing to east, west and south - winter heat loss minimised and summer heat gain controlled.


  • Super insulation to floor, walls and roof minimises heat loss (exceeds NZ building code requirements).


  • Summer over heating is controlled by eaves overhang and slatted shade screens.
  • Verandahs and pergolas provide sheltered outdoor living for all seasons.


  • High-low sash placement allows effective natural cross ventilation.
  • All roof spaces are naturally vented.
  • Air lock entry lobby option conserves internal environment.

Total self sufficiency and off grid supply may be achieved if all the Greenhaven options on offer are selected e.g.: rainwater water storage tank, battery storage for the photovoltaic power system, all appliances low energy use, composting toilets, aerated waste water treatment system and grey water garden irrigation systems.

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