Typical module specifications



  • Transportable module - Suspended 100mm concrete slab and 75mm AAC concrete panel floor on timber sub floor framing with 60mm expol underfloor insulation.

Site built option

  • Concrete slab on ground - fully insulated maxraft polystyrene pod system with integral slab edge insulation.


  • Decking - 140 x 19 Vitex hardwood stainless steel screw fixed or Outdure 140 x 25 recycled composite deck with a concealed clip system.



  • NZ pine 140mm H1.2 SG8 grade framing - FSC certified sustainably harvested.


  • Thermal walls - firth 20 series charcoal stackbond masonry block, solid filled, honed finish

Beams and posts

  • NZ pine engineered Gluelam FSC certified - light weight, strong & efficient use of our sustainable wood resource. Stain finish. FSC certified.


Wall cladding

  • Vertical Shiplap BS Cedar on 40mm Pine cavity battens.


  • NZ Macrocarpa , NZ cedar or elements NZ Pine - Bevel Back Weatherboard on a 20mm drained cavity - board and batten on a 20mm drained cavity.

Feature walls

  • NZ pine shadowclad texture finish plywood sheet or firth NZ concrete masonry 100mm veneer.

Roof cladding

  • Rib profile flat pan metal roofing Endura Colorsteel finish in light colors to minimise summer overheating.


  • Asphalt shingles on 15mm plywood underlay.
  • Long run corrugated iron or profile metal roofing.

Soffit and spouting

  • Ecoply grooved soffit with endura colorsteel spouting.


  • 2100 high to 2500 high aluminium double glazed, Foam sealed in place. NZ pine painted liners.


  • Low e glazing, NZ Maple beech liners.
  • Note: Toughened safety glass on all glazing below 1m in height, secure locks and catchs on all ground floor windows and doors.

Paints, adhesives, oils and stains

  • Non toxic low voc rated adhesives used.
  • Non toxic resene low voc paint systems. Resene cool colors for dark colors on external wall claddings, non toxic oils and stains - Drydens wood oil or Natural House CO clear oils and stains.


Wall insulation

  • 140mm Mamoth R2.8. NZ made using 85% recycled plastic.

Roof insulation

  • 225mm Mamoth R3.6

Floor insulation

  • Under concrete slab - Maxraft 150mm thick polysytyrene pod system R3.5
  • Under ACC concrete floor - Expol 60mm black EPS R1.8

Slabedge insulation

  • To concrete slab only - Maxraft 60mm polystyrene insulation.

Building wraps

  • Egger OS brace rap sheets as underlay and bracing.

Interior and finish

Wall linings

  • 10mm Magnum board sheets to bedrooms and cupboards.
  • IBS Paneline MDF grooved sheets - Painted. No toxic glues.  


  • NZ macrocarpa or cedar vertical Tongue and Groove. 

Air infiltration


  • Proclima intello membrane lining to all walls and ceilings under the hard linings to prevent air leakage and increase thermal comfort.

Ceiling linings

  • 10mm birch ply sheets to raking ceilings, 13mm Mangnum board sheet to flat ceilings.

Finishing timbers

  • NZ pine - paint finish.


  • NZ Maple or NZ Macrocarpa - Oil finish.

Paints and stains

  • Low voc paint systems and non toxic oils - Resene Enviropaints range, cool colors for dark colors on external wall claddings, non toxic oils and stains - Drydens wood oil or Natural House CO clear oils and stains.


  • Overheight 2100 high x 860 wide minimum for improved passive heat transfer and to exceed accessible requirements - easy use lever handles fitted to all doors - glazed sliding wall panels to selected rooms for light transfer.

Floor coverings

  • Wood plank effect vinyl strip laminate.
  • NZ wool carpet - Environmental choice approved.
  • Exposed concrete floor areas - ground and sealed finish.


  • Cork tile, Wood plank effect ceramic tile, Wood plank veneer.

Kitchen joinery

  • Melteca laminate as selected, 50mm engineered stone tops.
  • Organic waste - 10 litre dual bin system for food waste in kitchen cabinetry.
  • Self closing doors.
  • Large pantry and pull out pantry.
  • Twin sinks.
  • Super quiet extractor fan.



  • Over height windows with high - low sash arrangement for natural cross ventilation.
  • Clothes drier and rangehood vented to exterior.
  • Automatic extract fans in bathrooms vented to exterior.


  • Automatic sensor controlled activators to selected sashs.

Space heating

  • High efficiency Bosca Limit wood burning fire in living room.
  • Solar thermal storage in the concrete floor slab.


  • Hydronic radiant floor slab system - 300 litre SS HWC stores water heated by air to water heat pump. Heat pump also heats all domestic hot water.


  • Lighting - LED long life low energy use fittings.
  • Future proof smart house wiring.
  • Appliances - Bosch brush stainless, minimum 4 star rated low energy use.
  • Solar photovoltaic  PV 2.0KW panel system - Grid connected. Option of 3.0 - 5.0KW systems if required.
  • Outdoor lighting fitted with integrated daylight and motion sensor controls.

Water conservation

  • All NZ made Methven tapware, low flow shower roses and controlled flush WC cisterns. Over flows fitted to all basins.
  • Dishwasher rated for minimum water usage.

Rainwater harvesting option

  • Rural site, rainwater storage – 2 x 25000 litre buried concrete tank with stainless steel submersible pump  to supply toilets, bath, shower and laundry. 
  • Urban site, rainwater storage - 1 x 10000 litre buried concrete tank with stainless steel submersible pump to supply toilets, bath, shower and laundry.

Water heating

  • 250 litre solar ready electric HWC.


  • Ecospring 300 litre external heat pump HWC.
  •  20 tube solar ready heat tube array.

Sanitary sewerage

  • Urban site - discharged to council sewer mains.
  • Rural site - discharged to aerated Eco waste water treatment system.

Grey water recycling


  • Greywater collected in Ecoplus recycling unit and distributed to gardens for irrigation.

Fire protection

  • Hard wired smoke detectors within 3m of all sleeping spaces.
  • Fire extinguisher in kitchen.


  • Viking domestic sprinkler system in all rooms

Suggested site landscaping

Organic waste

  • External composting system - worm farm container.
  • Clothes Line - rotary line plus covered clothes drying area at rear of house.


  • 70% of land area vegetated with native plants - 70% of site area permeable and designed to deal with stormwater runoff.


  • Permeable pavers or natural pebble paving in recycled PVC mat system.


  • Min 3m2 vegetable garden and four fruit trees planted.


The available options are not limited to those listed above and will be customised to suit each owner's exact requirements, site conditions and latest sustainable products and systems available.


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