October 31, 2019

Customising a Modular Home: Living Your Way

The home you want is achievable with Greenhaven’s modular system.

No two households are ever exactly the same! New Zealand is a wonderfully diverse nation with a wide range of housing needs and preferences. While many homes out there are copies of each other for reasons of convenience and affordability, each one is used slightly differently.

One of the advantages of modular building the Greenhaven way (and there are many, including low prices and energy-efficiency) is that the homes are customisable. Whether it’s adding rooms, changing around floor plans to suit the site and the prevailing weather, or just picking different materials and features to suit your preferences, customising a modular home can take a home to the next level.

Floor plans can be adapted to suit the needs of any customer, and we can provide expert, eco-focused architectural help. There are also various specifications that can be customised—all of Greenhaven’s standard floor plans can be adapted to the site they will inhabit and the people who will inhabit them. The following are specifications that should be considered by anyone purchasing a modular home.


Greenhaven offers both a standard (transportable) and site-built option. Owners can add foundations for decking, should they want more outdoor spaces.

The foundations are an extremely important part of the house, despite being invisible once it’s all built. Talk to the team for advice and quotes regarding the available foundations and which would be best in a particular situation.


The materials and finishes used on the exterior of a modular home can be changed around to suit setting and aesthetic preferences. There are cladding options including shiplap, weatherboards made of many different kinds of wood, feature walls of plywood or concrete available, and more.

Owners may also choose to deviate from the standard plan regarding roof cladding, spouting, windows, paint, and insulation. While some exteriors decisions will be aesthetic, many are practical—so owners should carefully consider the conditions and climate of their site.


The wall linings, finishing timbers, and of course, paint and stain colours can be chosen for each modular home. Floor coverings also have custom options, from laminate to carpet to exposed concrete floors. Various aspects of the kitchen can be chosen by the owner—and as it’s the hub of a home, having a kitchen made to measure is a real gamechanger.

Choice of interiors has an effect not only on how a home looks but how it feels. For example, concrete floors, while offering a trendy industrial look, can absorb heat and emit it later—it’s effective for heat regulation.

Suggested site landscaping

The landscaping surrounding a modular home is just as critical to the look and functionality of a property as the building itself! External composting systems, clothes lines, natural tree planting, recycled-PVC paving, and garden beds are features that can enhance your Greenhaven home.

Customising your modular home is an exciting process and one that will result in an end product that perfectly fits your household. While altering or adding to a floor plan is a big aspect of customisation, there are many other small but very important details to consider, too. From cladding to carpet vs concrete, these options can create a home that suits the climate, the site, and the aesthetic desires of the customer.

The process of customisation can add time to a build, and this option involves extra cost. The Greenhaven team can talk you through the process and help you to come up with something that fits your needs, wants, and budget—so get in touch. All of our homes are architecturally designed to be eco-friendly and of a very high standard. They are not your typical kitset homes!

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