July 29, 2019

Why Eco-Homes Are a Great Fit for New Zealand


Sustainable living is at the heart of many hot topics in this day and age, and for good reason. It may be a cliché to say that we only have one planet, but it’s also undeniably true. We need to look after the earth that we occupy, and to be frank, we need to do a much better job of it than the current efforts.

There are many ways to reduce the harmful effects we have on the earth. New Zealand has just outlawed plastic bags from all supermarkets, and that’s a great step. Businesses are experimenting with ways to cut down on the amount of plastic packaging they use. Hybrid and electric cars are slowly becoming more normal. 82% of our nation’s power comes from renewable sources.

To truly live sustainably, however, we need to look at every aspect of our lifestyle—and the homes in which we dwell are a big factor. Eco-homes are a fantastic option for New Zealanders, reducing carbon footprints and fitting in well with our ethos, landscape, and climate.

Below, we’ve laid out a few reasons to consider an eco-home for you and your family.

Overall, we’re an eco-positive nation

The first reason that eco-homes are a great fit in New Zealand is quite simple: as a country, we tend to appreciate and embrace most eco-friendly initiatives. That is to say, in general Kiwis are open to taking the eco route where they can, and many are invested in preserving the future of our beautiful islands. After all, they are well worth preserving—we live in a unique and beautiful place.

As mentioned above, we are doing well on the power production front, with many hydroelectric facilities and wind farms producing a good percentage of our electricity. Many New Zealanders are interested in or already using solar power, and “off-the-grid” living is a growing movement. Opting for an eco-home in New Zealand is not a fanciful hippie notion, but a solid choice that fits with the wider ethos of the nation.

Our housing can be cold and damp

New Zealand is not known for boasting warm, well-insulated, and dry homes. Perhaps because our climate (except in the southernmost reaches of the nation) is not extreme enough to make quality insulation and heating an absolute necessity, many houses are not up to scratch. Dampness and mould can cause myriad health issues, and the cost of retrofitting a house with insulation is high. Heating solutions can also be pricey.

Eco-homes like the ones we design and build at Greenhaven offer a warm, dry inside environment at a low cost. They are carefully crafted to retain warmth, absorb sunshine, and generally take full advantage of passive heating. The result is a warm, dry home that is affordable. Eco-homes offer a high standard of living and also guarantee lowered running costs. Win-win!

Eco-homes are designed to fit the climate and landscape

Different countries have different climates, and therefore varied styles of architecture that best suit. In New Zealand, with colonial influences, we tend to have a mish-mash of different types of homes that follow many different global architectural trends.

Greenhaven Homes individually designs each modular home to work with our climate, and they can also be designed with a specific site in mind. After all, energy efficiency is the underpinning motivation in building these homes—and the best way to achieve it is to fit the home around the environment, protecting against harsher elements and harnessing things like sunshine where possible. In a country as varied as ours, one size does not fit all.

What we have outlined are just a few of the reasons that we believe Kiwis can benefit from an eco-home. Sustainable living is important to the future of our country and our planet, but that’s not all it offers. Alongside the satisfaction of knowing they are reducing your footprint on the earth, eco-homeowners enjoy a warm, dry environment and reduced costs.

Greenhaven Homes are modular, energy-efficient, transportable homes that are ideal for anyone looking to lead a more sustainable existence. We think that this style of housing is the future in New Zealand, and are excited about providing cosy, flexible and adaptable homes for Kiwis. Take a look at our floor plans and contact us to discuss your dreams for a modular eco-home.

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