December 13, 2019

Eco Living: The Ultimate New Years' Resolution

Make your home and your lifestyle more sustainable this new year.

When it comes to changing behaviours and habits, January 1st is the most important day in the calendar. New Years’ resolutions are quite the phenomenon—and why not? An entirely new year, a new number to remember when writing the date on forms, and a fresh start.

There are so many things that people resolve to change at the start of a new year—often, it’s starting a diet, committing to an exercise regime, or picking up a new hobby. What if, however, you committed to something that would cause ripples far beyond your own life? Something that might influence the habits of your family and friends, and effect positive change across the entire planet for generations to come?

Eco living for the new year

Making an eco resolution is the perfect way to kick off your next calendar year. There are so many small steps that can be taken to make your lifestyle to improve your footprint. Consuming less, reducing the amount of plastic packaged goods you buy, starting a compost heap, investing in some beeswax wraps instead of gladwrap, bringing your keep cup to the coffee shop as often as you remember—all of these are fantastic steps that can be incorporated into a larger New Years’ resolution to live a lifestyle that’s easier on the globe.

There are big steps that can be taken, too. If you’re going all-in with a resolution for eco-living and are thinking of moving, upsizing, downsizing, or just a sea change, then you might carefully consider how your next home will contribute to and enable a more eco-friendly existence.

Homes that help you live sustainably

Modular, energy-efficient homes like those made by Greenhaven Homes are the ideal option for anyone looking to make their lifestyle more eco-friendly in the new year or years to come. Designed to be as “passive” as possible, they require far less energy in their day-to-day operations which not only reduces their carbon footprint but also makes them much cheaper to run. They are insulated to an above-standard level and their windows are carefully placed to make the most of any available natural light and warmth.

Constructed and decorated with FSC-rated sustainably farmed timbers, energy-efficient LED lighting, low-VOC paints, and other sustainable options, Greenhaven homes are a fantastic choice for Kiwis looking to make their lifestyle friendlier to the environment.

Eco living is not a new and revolutionary concept. There are people all around the world who have taken up this torch and run with it in spectacular ways: building their own homes from ultra-local materials like logs from the forest surrounding their section, installing solar panels and water collection systems to make their homes entirely self-sufficient, and even forming fantastic living spaces from household and construction waste.

Many people and homeowners have taken up the eco mantle, all around the globe—and it’s encouraging for those concerned about the future of our world. If more people committed to changing their lifestyles, including the very homes they live in, to be more sustainable, the human race will be in a much better position for the generations to come. Housing is such a huge industry, and it’s one in need of a shake up. Companies like Greenhaven Homes are providing options to home buyers in New Zealand, making eco living a possibility in a way that’s affordable, attractive, and versatile. Our modular designs allow eco-minded buyers to put together a home that works for their household, suits its location, and has minimal environmental impact and reduced long-term living costs. You don’t have to painstakingly craft a new home from local logs you’ve milled yourself to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly—just choose your next home wisely!

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