November 14, 2019

Modular Homes: Built Around Your Lifestyle

Make your living space fit your life.

Modular homes are about flexibility—and with such a diverse and beautifully varied nation to cater to, flexible plans and specifications are a necessity. Having a home that is built around a lifestyle rather than having to bend said lifestyle around the available living quarters is something that many people never experience, and it’s an amazing feeling.

Summer is here, that time when BBQs fire up and families start to gather together for festive celebrations. It’s a season during which the need for a home that suits your lifestyle becomes even more apparent—great outdoor living spaces, for example, can take the summer season to the next level. Relatives may come to stay, impromptu dinner parties may take place, and a house that can roll with the sweltering punches of summertime is a huge asset.

What’s more, a new year can bring with it many changes. Some people will be looking for a seachange, others will be retiring and hunting for the perfect affordable smaller home in which to spend their golden years. There may be those who are finally ready to take the plunge in the new year and buy a bach where they can spend future summers. Starting with a home that is built entirely around your lifestyle will make any next stage of life or fresh start that much better—and long-term, add a lot of joy.

Modular homes make lifestyle easy

Building a new home or holiday home that fits your lifestyle is easy with modular construction. Greenhaven’s modular homes come in standard floor plans, but these can be adapted with modules added or removed to fit the preferences of the customer and also the practicalities of the location. The building process starts with design and planning of your home, which includes choosing from options for wall claddings, roofs, floors, fixtures, fittings, and more.

Once you have designed your home to fit your lifestyle, it is mostly constructed in a factory before being transported to the intended site. This adds a lot of predictability to the process that an on-site build can lack, allowing for more accurate and faster delivery times—so you can get in before summer, or plan your next year with confidence. A modular home build fits around your lifestyle from day one. There are no long delays or constant site visits to check progress, but a smooth journey from design to finished product. You won’t spend a lot of time over many months worried about and supervising a building site, but carrying on with plans for shifting your life and possessions to your custom-built home.

Modular construction works well for all kinds of builds: new homes, Airbnb units as an addition to a property, holiday homes, granny flats and even extensions to a current home. With huge flexibility in plans and a simple, predictable construction process, they are a tool to enhance any lifestyle.

A Greenhaven modular home is a fantastic choice. As well as being easily adapted to suit their owners, each one is designed and built (through material choice and architecture) to be energy-efficient. The benefits this brings extend beyond those enjoyed by the planet and include low running costs and a warm, dry, and healthy environment for inhabitants.

If you have questions regarding modular construction and how we do it at Greenhaven Homes, contact the team. We are happy to discuss designing and realising a home that will suit your needs—whatever they might be!

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